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Around the World with UiPath: Part 3 - Bangalore

What better way to escape the January blues than to make a trip to beautiful Bangalore? So thought our CEO Kit Cox en route to India for another instalment in UiPath’s next-level RPA event series ‘UiPath Forward.’ We’re proud to partner with UiPath, and it’s always a pleasure to participate in these events to stay at the bleeding edge of the automation space. Here are the three thoughts that stuck with Kit from his experiences:

Momentum: “The pure energy at the event was amazing, and it was great to see UiPath’s ecosystem opening out. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that it’s properly visionary for a software vendor to present a roadmap that is not about what they will build, but what the ecosystem will bring forward. This is a vision coming together at pace and building serious momentum.”

The big boys are waking up to RSO: “It really was fantastic to hear that companies like IBM are building out Enate-like platforms. Looks like big industry players have quickly realised that at the point they’re hitting scale, there’s a highly pressing need for orchestration. And orchestration that ultimately must be separate to the robotic platforms themselves, at that.”

It’s more than a journey: “Who else is bored of all these ‘journeys’!? Ten years ago, organisations were setting off on their ‘Shared Services Journey’, and before that it was the ‘Great Journey Online’. Now it seems more and more companies are embarking on their ‘Automation Journey’. Now, I’m completely on board with the fact that automation is not a one off project; it’s a process of continual improvement, tweaking and automating as you go. But ‘journeys’ has just become a very hackneyed phrase. Perhaps it’s time for the “Automation Odyssey”, a trip of ongoing discovery, overcoming occasional perils, and using resourcefulness at every opportunity!”

The excitement was palpable in Bangalore.

I’m growing in confidence every day that 2018 will be the year that RSO unleashes the ability to deploy RPA at scale.

If you would like to discuss Kit's thoughts further, please contact us.