A BPM growth lever

Enable growth and profitability across service lines and the wider business mix with Enate’s industry-leading BPM solution.
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Image showing enate's work manager dashboard.

More than a BPM tool

Enate’s BPM workflow solution enables services to run smoothly and efficiently. But that’s not all. Once you’ve built this foundation of excellence, drive continued growth and profitability by scaling Enate across your business.

How Enate adds value

A screenshot of Enate's inbox menu.A screenshot of a Enate's queue with a line of data on it.Enate's assign task dashboard with data and an assign task button.A screen shot of Enate's analytics dashboard with data.
A screenshot of Enate's inbox menu.
Purpose built

Ready-to-use features built specifically for operations.

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Drag and drop workflows with no need for developers.

Enate's assign task dashboard with data and an assign task button.
Process mining

Fix quality issues and run processes like clockwork.

A screen shot of Enate's analytics dashboard with data.

Measurable results within 3 months, or your money back.


Build unlimited and customizable workflows across various geographies with ready-to-use features such as sentiment analysis and peer review to help you thrive.


From the first call to onboarding, you can be up and running in 6 weeks. If you don’t see a return on investment within 3 months, we’ll give you money back.

Fairly priced

Enate packages start from $60 per user / month (minimum 1000 users). We are 30% more affordable than market competitors.

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£32M margin improvement

We facilitated a £32 million profit margin boost for a global accounting firm. Prior to Enate, the business was struggling to see what was going on in their operation. Work was getting done, but there was no way of tracking, measuring or improving it.

We consolidated all of the requests the firm received onto Enate’s unified platform and seamlessly with the client’s own technology. This orchestration led to a 50% revenue increase. Within 6 months, client satisfaction surged by 33%.

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$1 billion extra capacity

Enate swiftly transformed operations for a global insurance firm, overcoming legacy system challenges within 5 weeks. By using our BPM orchestration platform, our client unlocked $1 billion in extra capacity, reduced phone call volumes by 38%, and improved internal processing times by 80%, fostering a happier work environment and increasing client satisfaction.

Our clients CEO noted a positive shift in the company's atmosphere and a newfound focus on service measured through compliments. The firms strategic use of the extra capacity promises sustained growth with increased client satisfaction and revenue potential.

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What makes Enate different

Onboard in 6 weeks

Enate can be up and running in 6  weeks.
Traditional vendors take a year.

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Week 1-2

Solution scoping and client workshop.

Week 3

Feedback, playback sync & training.

Week 4-5

User acceptance testing & check-in sessions.

Week 6

Go live!