About us

Enate exists to help global businesses become smarter, faster and more agile.

Our story

Enate was founded with a simple vision: to help growing businesses navigate the future of work by organising their operations, getting the right task to the right human or digital worker and maximising efficiency.

Over the years, Enate has received a range of investment from angel and venture capitalists, including its latest round of investment funding from Mercia.

Today, Enate is the operations platform of choice for global businesses such as TMF, Capgemini and Infosys.

The problems we address

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Visibility & autonomy

Operational leaders need to be able to see the nuts and bolts of their business to make an impact. Enate gives you a bird’s eye view of workflows and metrics, and the power to transform it.
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The talent shortage

A worldwide skills shortage has left businesses playing catch-up. Enate enables you to automate repetitive tasks, fix bottlenecks and speed up workflows to free up more team capacity.
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Customer satisfaction

Keeping up with the increasing demands of customer service is a challenge. Enate enables you to get the right work to the right resource on time so that you never miss service level agreements.
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Employee satisfaction

Automating dull, repetitive tasks by adopting RPA while keeping humans in the loop and giving them more challenging work ensures speed, efficiency and employee satisfaction.
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Digital transformation

Whatever stage of digital transformation you’re in, transitioning over from ancient legacy systems to a modern solution is a headache. Enate smoothly wraps around your current technology.
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Who we are

A global team of thinkers and doers passionate about the role technology and intelligent automation can play in shaping the future of work.

As a remote-first company, our team is made up of people from all over the world, including Cheltenham, London and Bangalore.

A note from our Founder

"In the last few years, the location of where we work has changed fundamentally. Aswell as this, we’re also seeing huge shifts in how work gets done as intelligent technology develops.

Enate's aim is to provide businesses with one end-to-end platform that can be the glue between your operations and teams. Enate helps you improve how work gets done and gives you the roadmap and tools to accelerate intelligent automation. We're here to help you make operations work today, tomorrow and in the future."

Kit Cox

CTO, Enate