Sentiment Analysis AI software

Track how customers feel about your service right now. Go from customer stress to customer success.
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Track how customers really feel about you

Take the guesswork out of running customer services with Enate’s sentiment analysis AI tool. Understand if customers are feeling happy, sad or neutral in real-time, and respond to customer issues before they escalate.

How it works


Connect to our API

Upon purchase, Enate will provide you with registration and documentation for simple, restful APIs. You can use various inputs such as emails, texts, tweets, or WhatsApp messages to determine the sentiment. We’ll classify the text as positive, negative, or neutral.

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Choose our solution

Our Sentiment Analysis AI solution requires no complex setups or custom coding. It integrates seamlessly with your tech stack and starts analyzing customer sentiment right away.

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Start measuring sentiment

Get real-time sentiment analysis during customer interactions with your service agents. Store information, build trend reports, and take appropriate action to improve your service.

Enate's sentiment analysis software.

Customer Sentiment Analysis benefits

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Reduce churn

Quickly identify and engage at-risk customers.

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Delight customers

Proactively fulfill customer needs.

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X-ray vision

Unlock deep insights into customer sentiment.

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Unlock growth

Nurture customer relationships to boost revenue.

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Simple set-up

No custom code -
just switch it on.

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Accurate and secure

Our Customer Sentiment Analysis AI software is built with security in mind. Powered by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, it doesn’t use any customer data for generic model training. It’s also over 97% accurate, ensuring you consistently track sentiment correctly.

Buy our sentiment analysis AI

Enate’s sentiment analysis AI software is available to buy as a standalone product or can be purchased as part of the Enate package. Book a call with us for advice on the best option for you.