Discover how much it costs to use Enate, and the support we offer. Enate packages start from $60 per user / month.
per month
Workflow management
Ticket based processes
Bot users
Citizen development
Enate academy
Enate consulting
Reports and analytics
Unlimited cloud storage
*Minimum 1000 users.
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Customer support

When using any new tool for the first time, there will always be questions that arise along the way. Our dedicated Customer Success team are on hand to guide you. In addition, if you require hands-on Account Management, we can create a custom package that works for you.

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Average time to ROI

Using Enate, you can expect to see a return on your investment within 3 months.

Bar chart showing time to ROI with Enate showing 3 months to reach ROi and traditional workflows and bpm's taking longer.

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We’re proud to work with a global portfolio of partners united in the vision of providing cutting edge solutions that cut through the noise and get results.

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See how much ROI you could get by using Enate.

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What makes Enate different

Onboard in 6 weeks

Enate can be up and running in 6  weeks.
Traditional vendors take a year.

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Week 1-2

Solution scoping and client workshop.

Week 3

Feedback, playback sync & training.

Week 4-5

User acceptance testing & check-in sessions.

Week 6

Go live!