How TMF achieved a £32M margin improvement using Enate

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"Enate's orchestration solution can be likened to having x-ray vision into your operations."

Felipe Araya

Head of Operations

About Enate

Enate helps businesses to run operations smoothly and produce consistent work, on time. Enate's end-to-end platform gives leaders the ability to view, manage and track all work, identify automation opportunities, assign tasks to the right resource and become more efficient.

About TMF

TMF Group is a global business offering accounting, corporate secretarial, HR administrative and capital services to businesses across 50+ countries.

The problem

TMF were receiving lots of end-customer requests through various channels such as email, self-service and call centre tickets. This was making it difficult to see the full picture and work efficiently. When work requests are scattered across various pockets, there is the potential for crossed wires, wasted time and it creates a general margin for error. TMF came to us after realizing they could house all of these work processes under one roof and track and manage all tasks using the Enate platform. 

In addition, TMF also wanted to manage their hybrid workforce more efficiently by introducing UIPath RPA bots to automate dull, repetitive tasks and allow employees to take on more challenging work.

How TMF solved it using Enate

Enate’s end-to-end platform allows its 4,500 users to communicate and work through one simple platform. As everything lives in one place, it becomes much easier to track the status of work, identify problems and work more consistently and efficiently. The Enate platform was rolled out by 700 citizen developers.

We consolidated TMF service requests and logged them onto the platform so that everyone was working from one single source of truth. We wrapped around TMF’s existing stack and integrated with their customer platform, TMF KRAIOS as well as RPA automation software.

These steps gave TMF complete visibility over all their operations, it enabled their employees to log tickets and fetch information from one single platform, and it allowed the business to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

The results

Within 6 months of using Enate, TMF achieved:

 What TMF say

"Implementing Enate has given me full visibility and control of my operations. Even when travelling, I'm able to access the platform, identify potential client risks and request internal action. By the time I land in another country, the risk is mitigated, and any issues are resolved. The problem of 'not knowing' the status of work has become a thing of the past."
<div class="case-study_inline-quote-name">Felipe Araya, Global Head of Operations at TMF</div>
"We've gotten to a point where I can see exactly what is happening across our entire organisation at any time. This level of visibility is incredibly powerful and it is delivering some incredible results."
<div class="case-study_inline-quote-name" style="line-height:1.5;">Russell Sheldon, Chief Operations & Technology Worker at TMF</div>
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Almost half of banking and investment CIOs (49%) and insurance CIOs (44%) indicated that they will increase their automation investments in 2021.

Source: Gartner, 2021