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Utmost Link (previously Generali Link) is the shared services arm of Utmost Group, serving Utmost Worldwide and Utmost Pan Europe. It delivers the middle-office operations for core life insurance business, managing unit linked investments and funds, and predominantly dealing with brokers.The company had a goal to transform its operations and truly embrace automation, to ensure the delivery of world class results. However, it needed to do this within the constraints of existing legacy technology platforms.

The mood music on the floor has completely changed, people are happier, and we now measure the service in terms of compliments.

Karl Nolan CEO, Utmost

The challenge

In order to achieve successful digital transformation, and to do so in months rather than years, Utmost Link deployed Enate’s Process Orchestration platform in 2017.

The plan was to get control of the human side of the operation before beginning to deploy Robotic Process Automation bots at pace.

Within six months, Utmost enjoyed an 80% reduction in internal processing time within the Link businesses, with increased customer satisfaction, improved morale and reduced costs.

The results

Within six months of go-live, after a five-week implementation project, Enate’s Process Orchestration platform delivered an 80% reduction in internal processing time, amongst other significant customer facing improvements, including:

  • 80% reduction in internal processing time
  • 70% reduction in end-to-end cycle times
  • 38% reduction in incoming phone call volumes, despite an increase in transaction volumes during this timeframe
  • 56% reduction in Client Service Email resolution time
  • 23% improvement in SLA for Frontline phone calls - from 73% to 96% year-on-year
  • 75% reduction in overtime within Client Services despite the unprecedented Feb/Mar 2018 weather events
Graph showing how Utmost reduced their end-to-end cycle time over 12 months using Enate
Graph showing how Utmost reduced their end-to-end cycle time over 12 months using Enate.

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