Process orchestration

Orchestrate work from start to finish with Enate.
Enate's work manager dashboard showing a number of different types of data.
image showing Enate's ticket manager.

Ticket and case management

From quick jobs to time-intensive tasks, create and manage all tickets and cases inside Enate.

Workflow management

Set up as many workflows as you need, wherever you are in the world and streamline for excellence.

A screenshot of Enate's builder interface.
A screenshot of Enate's inbox menu.

Email management

Our Office365 integration allows you to manage and respond to emails and turn requests into tickets, without leaving the platform.

Seamless communication

Never miss a communication thread again. Easily liaise with your team and get real-time, granular work updates.

image showing Enate's ticketing dashboard.
Enate's assign task dashboard with data and an assign task button.

Assignment accuracy

Assign work by skills and competency and track progress with SLA tracking.

Intelligent reporting and insights

Work is tracked in real-time allowing you to identify gaps and make data-backed improvements for excellence.

A dashboard showing Enate's reporting.

Process orchestration, explained

Watch our Founder and CTO, Kit explain what orchestration is, and how it can help your business.

What makes Enate different

Onboard in 6 weeks

Enate can be up and running in 6  weeks.
Traditional vendors take a year.

Speak to our team about onboarding→

Week 1-2

Solution scoping and client workshop.

Week 3

Feedback, playback sync & training.

Week 4-5

User acceptance testing & check-in sessions.

Week 6

Go live!