How EY increased operational efficiency by 15% using Enate

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Enate has been a significant partner in GDS’s highly successful and continuing efficiency journey.

Shailendra Saxena

"GDS Transformation Partner"

About Enate

Enate helps businesses to run operations smoothly and produce consistent work, on time. Enate's end-to-end platform gives leaders the ability to view, manage and track all work, identify automation opportunities, assign tasks to the right resource and become more efficient.

About EY

EY is on a mission to build a better working world, helping create long-term value for clients, people and society and building trust in capital markets. Enabled by data and technology, global EY teams help clients to capitalize on new opportunities, assess and manage risk across Assurance, Strategy,Transactions and Tax service lines.

The problem

EY is a huge business with over 300,000 employees across 150 countries working in multiple verticals. As with many organizations of this scale, managing operations can be incredibly complex, particularly when it comes to Global Delivery Services. The sheer volume of work, information processed and communication points create a headache for even the most capable leaders. It’s also a matter of visibility; when work is spread across various pockets, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and make impactful change. This way of working also creates a general margin for error since there is a heavy reliance on manual processes.

EY approached Enate in 2018 with a mission to organize its GBS operations and improve the efficiency of the Finance & Accounting back office. At the time, EY was managing work through manual email tickets which led to errors, oversights and affected SLA’s.

How EY solved this using Enate

After deploying Enate, EY’s previously fragmented processes and tools were consolidated into one simple platform and inbound emails to the Finance team were managed as work in Enate. This gave the Finance & Accounting hybrid teams an end-to-end view of operations, enabling them to streamline processes, meet SLA deadlines and improve efficiency.

In 6 months, Enate had been rolled out to 500+ back-office hybrid employees, resulting in 75% faster report generation, zero missed emails and 15% overall efficiency savings.

Expanding Enate across EY functions

Following a successful project behind the scenes of the business, EY decided to roll out Enate’s orchestration platform to middle office and eventually, front office functions.

From tax to risk management, the goals in each function were largely the same. EY wanted to use Enate to achieve

  • Visibility of work and bottlenecks
  • Seamless collaboration across teams and time zone
  • Actionable data and insights
  • Improved end-to-end processes
  • Improved client service experience
  • Improved security & governance
  • Improved operational efficiency

EY also wanted to be able to manage a human and hybrid workforce effortlessly, introducing automation to take care of the more mundane, repetitive tasks while keeping humans in the loop. Enate integrates with technology partners including Blueprism and UI Path making it easy to orchestrate work between humans and digital workers inside one end-to-end platform.

As the level of trust in Enate grew, the number of EY employees using the platform tripled and Enate established a Centre of Excellence Team to support EY. Today, EY relies on Enate across the following functions:

  • Tax
  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Risk Management
  • Conflicts Management
  • Digital Products & Services

The Results

At the time of writing, over 1,500 EY employees are using Enate to simplify work, transform operations, and run efficient processes across their large, distributed teams. 

While some of the teams are human-only, others have humans and automation deployed. Most teams in EY Risk Management Services, Tax, R&A CoE, F&A, and AML currently use the Enate technology and have seen really good operational improvements such as:

  • 75% efficiency improvement in work allocation 
  • 64% efficiency improvement in visibility 
  • 80% quality tracking improvement 
  • 92% faster report generation 
  • 54% effort savings in managing admin tasks 
  • 50% effort savings in work management 

Their ongoing real-time data and reports have drastically improved, and the teams are able to understand business insights better and use them to optimize output. 

Enate is hosted within EY and has been InfoSec cleared for data confidentiality up to the C4 level. This makes it simple for teams to onboard and rapidly transform their operations.

EY Testimonial

Summing up the story so far, Shailendra Saxena, EY GDS Transformation Partner said,

"EY is a significant user of automation capability, and tends to use its internal operations not just as a driver for operational efficiency, but also as an incubation center for our go-to-market capabilities in Managed Services. We have successfully deployed Enate solutions in several voluminous internal processes, blending both human and technical workforces. Enate has been instrumental in us being able to scale automation and build robust operations. We have also extended the use of Enate with our vendor partners for corporate functions’ back office work."
<div class="case-study_inline-quote-name">Shailendra Saxena, EY GDS Transformation Partner</div>
"Enate has been a significant partner in GDS’s highly successful and continuing efficiency journey, as a versatile enabler to manage, govern and optimize business workflows, across our human and bot workforce. Our Enate CoE has successfully deployed custom solutions in several large and critical internal processes, across Risk, Tax, and Finance Operations."
<div class="case-study_inline-quote-name">Shailendra Saxena, EY GDS Transformation Partner</div>

Enate Testimonial

Commenting on the EY partnership, Enate’s Founder, Kit Cox says

"EY came to us 5 years ago to improve operations and automation in their back office. The trust and value created through our initial project gave EY the confidence to deploy Enate widely across business critical functions. We’re excited to be working together to bring the benefits that EY have experienced themselves to the wider EY client base. We will be helping EY’s clients to harness the power of orchestration to work smarter, faster and more efficiently."
<div class="case-study_inline-quote-name">Kit Cox, Founder at Enate</div>
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Almost half of banking and investment CIOs (49%) and insurance CIOs (44%) indicated that they will increase their automation investments in 2021.

Source: Gartner, 2021