Accelerate your digital transformation journey

Help your business reach its transformation goals with Enate's process orchestration platform. Designed for consistency, efficiency and speed.
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The silver bullet for
IT leaders

Whether you’re at the beginning of your digital transformation journey or looking to scale it, Enate offers an end-to-end process orchestration solution that can be tailored to your business.

Enate’s iBPMS and case management solutions are designed so that citizen developers can configure, deploy and maintain workflows using drag and drop technology. Additionally, we can help you to grow and scale intelligent automation by identifying RPA opportunities, and the route to implementation.

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iBPMS and case management

Track, manage, audit and action all inbound requests. Enate wraps around your teams’ mailboxes and turns inbound emails into tickets. Tickets are delivered to the right human, or digital worker, and completed in Enate. Get tickets done on time and receive insights to help you improve.

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Citizen development

Enate’s approach to no-code is focused on simplicity: drag and drop technology supported by in-depth training. Elected Citizen developers can’t create things that break and critically one business unit can’t impact another with the changes made. Enate ‘Super Builders’ set the global standards for re-use, while Enate ‘Builders’ design and develop workflows following these standards.

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Intelligent automation

Accelerate automation with analytics telling you what you should automate next, how much you’ll save by doing so, and the technology you need to deploy.

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Security & governance

Enate offers the highest standards of security and governance including centralized best practice components, private cloud storage options, local variance, secure development cycles with in-built testing and separation of duties. As for global security compliance, Enate comes with ISO27001, GDPR, and HIPAA built-in.

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Reporting & insights

Enate gives you a clear view of progress, productivity, gaps and bottlenecks so you can make effective change to drive productivity, capacity and improve customer / employee satisfaction.

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What makes Enate different

Onboard in 6 weeks

Enate can be up and running in 6  weeks.
Traditional vendors take a year.

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Week 1-2

Solution scoping and client workshop.

Week 3

Feedback, playback sync & training.

Week 4-5

User acceptance testing & check-in sessions.

Week 6

Go live!