Make digital transformation a success with Enate

We enable digital transformation leaders to excel at their role and get industry-leading results by delivering efficient, cost effective and scalable solutions.
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A scalable transformation solution

Deploying digital transformation at scale requires a solution that is safe, reliable and measurable. Enate’s business process transformation platform delivers on all fronts, enabling leaders to double down on efficiency and deliver added value in managed services.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies within Enate, enterprises can become more agile, automate processes, achieve industry leading results and enhance the overall digital experience. Once you’ve demonstrated value, roll Enate out across as many service lines as you desire. We’re built to scale.

TMF improved margin by £32M

Automate service lines

Random acts of automation don’t deliver value. Intentional use cases do. We enable digital transformation leaders to automate the manual, repetitive aspects of service delivery using RPA, AI and Machine Learning technology. Seamlessly plug and play automation technologies such as UiPath and OpenAI via our marketplace.

Manage and assign tasks based on skills and competency with end-to-end visibility across all your service lines. This X-ray vision, coupled with automation capabilities empowers you to extract the maximum value from a digital and human workforce.

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Leverage data analytics

Enate’s power BI reporting feature gives transformation leaders real-time and extended data insights across managed service lines. From identifying bottlenecks to efficiency metrics, track KPIs instantaneously within the Enate platform. Customise reports to your preferences so you can drive continuous improvements, and make informed decisions.

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Enhance the overall digital experience

Large enterprises often battle with siloed working, fragmented processes and limited visibility. Enate solves this with seamless end-to-end workflows that ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. This approach minimises errors, improves SLA times and improves the overall digital experience for employees and customers alike.

"Enate has been instrumental in us being able to scale automation and build robust operations.”
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What makes Enate different

Onboard in 6 weeks

Enate can be up and running in 6  weeks.
Traditional vendors take a year.

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Week 1-2

Solution scoping and client workshop.

Week 3

Feedback, playback sync & training.

Week 4-5

User acceptance testing & check-in sessions.

Week 6

Go live!