50+ operations management tools to help you work smarter

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API Integration Tools

Connect data seamlessly across systems, integrate your tech stack, and automate workflows. These tools enable companies to reduce data silos, streamline processes, and achieve scalable automation. Resources are allocated more productively and efficiency is improved. A single source of truth provides improved data accuracy and accessibility for informed decision-making.

Business Process Management Tools

Adopt these tools to solve complex automations, successfully orchestrate people and systems, and gain complete visibility into operations. Functions include built-in data governance procedures to ensure full compliance and low-code interfaces to design and automate business processes. They can help your business to realize the optimization of end-to-end operations.

Intelligent Automation Collective Tools

The Intelligent Automation Collective (IAC) is a union of 7 tech companies that envisioned the perfect end-to-end intelligent automation solution and made it a reality. They provide best-in-class solutions, empowering businesses to achieve better customer service, extract more value from data, bridge operational gaps, and successfully streamline operations.

Customer Support Tools

A group of tools that can support your business in delivering outstanding customer service. There are options for both B2B and B2C businesses covering various tasks such as documentation automation, managing tickets from multiple channels, and sales forecasts. Customer relationships are strengthened and problems are easier to prevent and resolve.

Collaboration Tools

No matter where your team members are located, in the office or an ocean apart, collaboration tools provide everything you need for effortless communication and teamwork. Employ digital whiteboards, virtual meetings, and generative AI to break down geographical barriers and enhance decision-making. The result is greater collaboration and supercharged productivity.

Enterprise Asset Management Tools

Manage physical assets more effectively with the use of enterprise asset management tools. Features include AI predictive maintenance for the accurate prediction of maintenance schedules, potential failure points, and the reduction of downtime. Using these tools optimizes and extends the life of physical assets and delivers cost savings.

Intelligent Document Processing Tools

Manually processing documents is time-consuming and vulnerable to human error. Intelligent document processing tools harness AI and machine learning to automatically extract data from documents, resulting in faster processing times and fewer mistakes. Waste less time manually compiling data, so more time can be spent actioning valuable insights.

Quality Management Tools

Achieve superior standards across all products and services with quality management tools. Digitizing quality events enables you to respond to problems faster, whilst optimizing the product life cycle expedites time to market. These solutions provide real-time visibility and allow you to adapt to changing compliance and market demands.

Project Management Tools

These software solutions are designed to streamline and consolidate project management and use resources more efficiently. Their functions enable you to view all communications and actions related to a project on one page, map timelines, and automate goal tracking. They provide greater visibility over individual projects and across your calendar.

Robotic Process Management Tools

RPA tools automate repetitive tasks so team members can spend more time on higher value work. Digital workers are deployed to handle resource-intensive procedures like invoice processing, payroll, and employee onboarding. They enable businesses to scale their operations, use their resources more effectively, save money, and realize greater overall efficiency.

Supply Chain Tools

Gain greater visibility into supply chain operations with this set of software tools. They facilitate inventory management, deliveries, and demand forecasting. Other features include real-time rates, so you always get the best possible prices. Utilizing these technologies empowers businesses to anticipate disruptions, improve sustainability, mitigate risks, and uphold SLAs.

Workflow Management Tools

Eliminate scattered processes with a single end-to-end workflow platform. Assign the right task to the right worker and ensure projects are done on time. A workflow management tool allows you to automate workflows, gain transparency over task progress, and improve collaboration. Businesses can thus attain increased agility and efficiency.

Workforce management tools

Typically admin-heavy tasks involved in workforce management are made easier with these platforms. Create and share schedules in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually, ensure compliance with labor regulations, and predict busy periods and staffing issues. Workforce management tools deliver optimized resource allocation and cost efficiency.


Maximise efficiency in operations and ditch manual work with AI-enabled email classification, sentiment analysis, intelligent document processing, data analysis and data extraction.

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