AI-powered sentiment analysis explained

Operations leaders have traditionally relied on quarterly, bi-annual or even yearly NPS reports to measure what their customers think of the services they deliver. These are all well and good, but only really offer a rear view mirror on what’s already happened 6 months ago - by which time it's too late to intervene and solve any issues.

But times are changing with Enate's AI-powered sentiment analysis. EnateAI gives you real time data on your customer's satisfaction levels, enabling you to address unhappiness before it becomes a problem for your business. Enate users are analysing 30k emails every day for sentiment, and achieving 97% accuracy across 12 languages.

In this video, I explain the importance of getting ahead of customer sentiment and proactively responding to unhappiness, as well as addressing they ways in which AI is helping businesses do so before negative sentiment becomes a critical problem.