Why we built Enate with Founder and CTO, Kit Cox

In 2015, as the RPA market grew, Kit Cox saw the need for people and bots to work together more effectively. Together with the Enate team, Kit defined process orchestration as a new way of delivering and managing end-to-end services with a human and digital workforce.

Hear Enate’s Founder and CTO, Kit explain in his own words why we built Enate, what makes us different, what you can do inside the platform and the results you can expect. Kit will also explain how we’re harnessing the latest RPA and AI technology so businesses can plug and play automation technologies via Enate’s marketplace. If you want to succeed with operations and find a sustainable way to futureproof your service delivery, definitely give it a watch.

Enate's official category is process orchestration which is a relatively new term. Process orchestration refers to the flow of all work in an operation between humans and digital teams. It enables end-to-end process design and management, helping businesses to streamline processes, neatly organize operations, assign the right tasks to the right resource, and complete SLAs on time. As time goes on and more players come to market, this term is becoming more widely used.

Enate's customers are mainly large enterprise businesses, BPOs, Shared Services or partners. We are the process orchestration platform of choice for the likes of TMF, CMS and EY. Typically businesses that use Enate report a 20% increase in operational efficiency.