Hear Enate’s Head of Research, Sam Ward on the AI Coffee Podcast

Image of Hear Enate’s Head of Research, Sam Ward in the center with text surrounding showing the AI Coffee Podcast.

Enate’s Head of Research & Development, Sam Ward recently sat down with podcast host, Alejandro Perez for a chat about all-things AI.

Tune in below to hear Sam cover:

  • The future of AI and it’s impact on business
  • The challenges and opportunities of implementing AI solutions in the corporate world
  • Regulation and ethical considerations surrounding AI

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Sam Ward, as the Head of Research and Development at Enate, leads the forefront of AI innovation in orchestrating human and digital workforces. With over a decade of experience in data science and artificial intelligence, Sam drives the development of Enate's platform, focusing on enhancing business processes, customer experience, and overall growth through AI and intelligent automation.
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