Enate’s Founder, Kit Cox on the Real AI Now podcast

Enate’s Founder, Kit Cox on the Real AI Now podcast

Enate’s Founder and CTO, Kit Cox was recently invited onto the Real AI Now podcast hosted by Paulo Nunes, CEO of Two Impulse to discuss all things automation. Hear exactly how business processes, automation, and AI marry together with Kit’s simple analogy of lego.

Topics covered in the episode, Empowering Business Users with Automation include:

  • When should a business deploy generative AI?
  • How can AI be deployed in Finance?
  • What does a good business and automation use case look like?
  • What can we expect in the next 6 months in the world of AI?

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Operational Soup is a term we use when work is being carried out, but businesses have little idea how much, by whom or exactly how it is processed.

James Hall

CEO, Enate

Having orchestration implemented across our departments can be likened to having x-ray vision into your operations.

Felipe Araya

Global Head of Operations at TMF

A computer screen with a line graph on it.
Almost half of banking and investment CIOs (49%) and insurance CIOs (44%) indicated that they will increase their automation investments in 2021.

Source: Gartner, 2021


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