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High inflation and staff shortages – it's time to optimise

The global issue of high inflation and staff shortages – time for optimising tools, optimising human workforce productivity and optimising business

Here at Enate, we believe our Process Orchestration platform can help with both the productivity aspect demanded by high inflation, and the issue of talent shortages, which is why we’re particularly delighted to be announcing our first, and only, partner for New Zealand and Australia, Quanton.  

So where does Enate fit in?

Our clients are using Enate to orchestrate their work and optimise the use of humans augmented by bots, or AI tools. Along the way they’re gaining insight to their operations and can actually see where the operational cost lies.

Questions that come to one’s mind could include; Is that part of the process expensive because it is very people intensive? Is it something that could be done better using a task bot or more likely a decision engine or a smart tool to deliver a better outcome?

Let’s be clear, this isn’t just about cost reduction. We’re talking about delighting employees and customers as well.

Some organisations believe that they can deliver better productivity by cutting 10% of their headcount when wages are going up, but there’s another angle to this: You need to have tooling in your business that is good to work with and actually improves individual productivity.

Try hiring a millennial now and telling them to go and interact with 50 different temperamental systems. They’ll likely leave in a week!

Having tooling that people want to work with, that makes their lives a lot easier is all part of keeping staff happy… and happy staff stay.

Employees are precious. They’re hard to come by and even harder to retain. While Enate enables organisations to be agile with customers, it also enables organisations to be agile with employees, enabling them to do interesting work, supporting them with the right tools to do their work and to get the best out of them.

That also goes with how we need to think about training and upskilling staff going forward. Rather than just repetitively repeating the same task, wouldn’t it be great to be thinking about how your team is evolving and developing, doing more of the things they can do uniquely?

Enate is a competency-based system, which understands where the value is and who can provide it. Moreover, there is this bigger shift to training and upskilling employees. I call Enate a safe citizen developer tool.

One of the big things with bots and scaling bots, the idea of democratising IT tools and enabling everyone to do a bit of bot development, is that it can end in disaster when everyone is doing something different on every desktop.

It has to be done in a smarter way with the appropriate controls, governance and visibility in place. True scaling requires democratisation.

Enate enables a smarter approach to citizen-led development of local workflows, as it is designed to maximise re-use across all aspects of the platform. Design it once then re-use it everywhere. It’s also uniquely designed to prevent users having to agree what should be a local solution with a wider community. This is built into the way that that the Enate service matrix segregates one team’s design from another, whilst still allowing them to share wherever possible.

One of our clients operates in 80 countries across 12 languages. They’ve got over 700 citizen process developers working on Enate to tweak local processes (based on a master process) to deliver to their clients. It’s enabling people in a safe way to develop and adapt the tooling around them.

And speaking of that particular client, when Covid hit, they were able to move 400 roles out of China for a time; They could never have done that without the right tooling. Enate gives greater operational flexibility, control and is enabling the future of work in a way that other tools just can’t get their head around, because they don’t have that people and competency work.

In a time of high inflation, when productivity is key, we need to be able to do more with what we have got. Enate enables businesses to build an agile hybrid workforce that you can leverage to improve your productivity.

So welcome to the Enate world, Quanton. We look forward to plenty of productive times ahead!