Bots and Beyond Podcast: Enate on Process Orchestration (2023)

Bots and Beyond Podcast: Enate on Process Orchestration (2023)

We were delighted to feature on Episode 40 of Wayne Butterfield’s Bots & Beyond Podcast, explaining how process orchestration can boost productivity by giving you full visibility over your operations, leading to a faster, smarter and more agile business.

Our CEO James Hall led the discussion and Wayne Butterfield predicted that 2023 will be the year process orchestration becomes the norm. Listen to the podcast below.

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Enate allows you to view, manage and optimise workflows using one end-to-end platform, so you can organise your operations and become more efficient. On average, Enate customers free up 20% more team capacity using our tool.


Operational Soup is a term we use when work is being carried out, but businesses have little idea how much, by whom or exactly how it is processed.

James Hall

CEO, Enate

Having orchestration implemented across our departments can be likened to having x-ray vision into your operations.

Felipe Araya

Global Head of Operations at TMF

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Almost half of banking and investment CIOs (49%) and insurance CIOs (44%) indicated that they will increase their automation investments in 2021.

Source: Gartner, 2021


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