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An introduction to the Q3 2019 major product release

By Kamal Saran, Enate's Product Owner 

Enate's service orchestration platform has a major release every quarter. The third major release of the year is now live. There a number of updates but also a new feature - Views.

New Feature - Views

Views are a way to organise your work by grouping them into lists based on certain criteria. For example, you can create a view for new work items created by you, or a view for pending tickets that are awaiting a response. Using views can help you determine what work needs attention from you or your team and plan accordingly. You can search based upon a large number of standard bits of system information e.g. ‘Last Updated By’, ‘Queue’, and by any of the Custom Data fields in your system:

internal search example

Access the new ‘Views’ tab from the navigation pane:

internal menu selector

1. Searching

Add the search criteria you want to search by, setting the ‘Condition’ (e.g. Equals, Is greater than etc.) and a value against which to evaluate the condition:

search filter fields

By default, the system sets an initial value of ‘items due now’.

You can add as many additional sets of conditions as you wish:

2. Search Results

Once you’ve specified your search conditions, hit Search to show Search Results. The total number of search results will be shown at the top of the grid.

Choosing which data to see in Search Results

As with your Inbox and Owned work grids, you can choose which columns you wish to see / hide in your search results grid. Simply click the cog above the grid and from the ‘Display and Columns Settings’ popup, select the standard system data and Custom Data fields you wish to display:

3. Grouping and Ordering

You can Group By and Order By your results by all of these same criteria:

search grouping example

Only a single grouping criteria can be specified, and results will be loaded upon expanding an individual group:

results example

Share your feedback at - https://feedback.enate.net

Download the full release notes for v2019.3