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GBS: Laying the foundation for future innovation

By using Enate, the process orchestration platform, Global Business Services (GBS) companies can help bring elements of their operations together, achieve visibility across all teams, and ensure that technology, and employees are aligned.

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Make the future of work simpler, quicker, and easier

Enate is seeing five major challenges emerge within the Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector:

  • Onboarding
  • Customer experience
  • Efficiency savings
  • Remote working


The demands and environment were changed almost overnight. Trust, Fund, and Corporate Services organizations needed to deliver best-in-class customer experience but through a remote workforce. It meant that many were faced with the challenge of reducing complexity and time for clients but in a new environment. It’s a juxtaposition closely connected to customer experience.

customer experience

Customer experience

Organizations with the Trust, Fund, and Corporate Services sector have been faced with a dual-issue in maintaining existing clients - clients with vastly different scales and requirements - while attempting to establish control of their own environments. According to a report by Mavenlink, 85% of service businesses acknowledge that client expectations are increasing. It is a scenario that has placed huge pressure on service levels at a time when businesses are looking to mitigate any loss of revenue through client loss and reduced efficiencies. The flux in workload, people movement, and supporting technologies also led to a lack of visibility over smaller SLAs.

Efficiency Savings-1

Efficiency savings

A key success metric for Trust, Fund and Corporate Services organizations has been to improve efficiencies to grow without increasing their cost base, improving margins as a result. Despite incorporating an element of future-proofing it has meant that they are not only balancing the costs associated with doing businesses versus investment for future-proofed processes, but they are also having to do so without placing extra pressure and workload on already stretched teams.

remote working

Remote working

Managing a remote and disparate workforce. This is a challenge on two levels. Firstly, there is the issue of simply having the resources to enable remote working. For instance, not every country has the mobile or broadband coverage required in rural areas or away from the main office. But it has posed another issue in who is doing the work. Lack of transparency, in particular, was a critical issue in the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak, making it difficult to effectively manage the relevant processes and workstreams. Ensuring effective visibility at the central level of local operations around the world, which was always crucial, became much more difficult in a work from home situation, potentially compromising governance frameworks.

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Case Study

TMF Group deploys Enate for its global digital strategy

In this case study, find out why Enate was chosen by TMF Group, how Enate helped select an implementation partner, and how by the end of 2019 TMF Group had successfully piloted new models for each service, onboarding over 200 users in three languages, and training management teams along the way. Finally, find out why the partnership between TMF Group and Enate continues...

— Russell Sheldon, Chief Operations & Technology Officer, TMF Group 

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Corporate Services – Time to capitalise

Martin Parry, the Managing Partner at Shapwick Consultants Ltd, discusses in this article the challenges and answers for organisations who want to build a stand-out business for the future and who want to achieve this within the fast-moving world of technology and digitisation at the forefront, and how to move on from here and quickly.

What is Process Orchestration
Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration for Trust, Fund and Corporate Services sector

Find out how corporate services organizations that deploy process orchestration, can knit the disparate elements of their operating model together, achieve visibility across all teams irrespective of location, and ensure that technology and employees are aligned and work together as efficiently and productively as possible.

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Customer Success

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients are saying about how Enate has helped their businesses realize their goals.

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The project with Enate is one of the most seamless implementations I’ve seen or been involved with. It represents the gold standard.
— Denise Tauriello Allison, Sr. Director Capgemini
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TMF Group is a complicated business. We operate in more than 80 countries and have grown extensively through acquisition. The heart of our value proposition, global reach, and local knowledge, is the provision of the local expertise to manage complex regulation.”
— Russell Sheldon, Chief Operations & Technology Officer, TMF Group
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The mood music on the floor has completely changed, people are happier, and we now measure the service in terms of compliments"
— Karl Nolan, CEO, Utmost Link
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See how the Enate platform can help overcome your challenges in Trust, Fund, and Corporate Services sector.

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