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Simple workflow, powerful insights

GBS: Laying the foundation for future innovation

By using Enate, the process orchestration platform, Global Business Services (GBS) companies can help bring elements of their operations together, achieve visibility across all teams, and ensure that technology, and employees are aligned.

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A platform for innovation

Enate sees four major challenges Insurers face

  • Monitoring SLAs
  • Scaling Automation
  • Differentiating policy changes
  • Service consistency

Monitoring SLAs

“Monitoring SLAs to understand where we’re falling behind is a major challenge. The lack of transparency across systems and inboxes makes it difficult to know what’s missing during new policy and renewals processes. The satisfaction of our policyholders and third parties suffers as a result.”

Enate keeps track of the flow of information to connect the dots between disparate systems. Using the platform to control the workflow of your manual processes, you’ll have real-time visibility of what work is being completed, when and by whom. Automatic work allocation allows staff to focus on activities in priority order and Enate’s audit trail allows for the simple identification of data gaps. As a result, process completion time decreases by up to 80%.


Scaling automation

Enate enables you to identify automation opportunities using process modeling. Enate’s cognitive reporting can measure entirely manual processes or ones containing bits of automation, to report on the current cost to the business. By measuring what skills people are using for different tasks, Enate predicts what tools are most relevant for what job, allowing you to predict an accurate ROI for your business case. When you’ve decided what to automate, Enate manages those handover points with automatic failover between digital workers and people.


Differentiating policy changes

“I’d like a way of prioritizing and differentiating between major and minor policy changes. During the policy servicing stage, an update to a customer’s address details doesn’t warrant high-level scrutiny – unlike a major change (such as additional health disclosure), which involves different company departments.”

Enate’ automatic triaging of work enables differentiation of requests. Automatic allocation ensures processes are executed with clarity according to SLAs. Enate’s Process Orchestration ensures escalation and approval points are only executed when necessary – and can be triggered automatically with our workflow capability. Enate’s Builder environment allows operational users to test the potential of automated actions within a process as you scale your intelligent Automation programs ad start to introduce various tools to streamline work.


Service consistency

“With different departments (insurance agent, policy servicing, underwriting) operating in silos, we’re unable to provide consistent and proactive updates to stakeholders, whether they be policyholders, third parties or internal management.”

Enate helps improve customer experience by streamlining the flow of work between different teams to provide accurate, granular reporting with which to proactively update stakeholders. Covid-19 has had a major impact on the ability to confirm details and deliver updates: face-to-face communications up and down large office floors is now impossible. Insurers can address this issue by introducing visibility and governance between multiple teams across localities.

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Mitigating insurers' digital transformation challenges through process orchestration

Discover solutions to real-world insurance challenges as insurers pursue digital transformation amid the industry's unsolved challenges. Find out how Process Orchestration will crown the industry's future market leaders by enabling complete control of a hybrid workforce of people and technology and crucial business insight reporting.

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Case Study

Utmost deploys Enate’s Process Orchestration platform to help transform operations.

In this case study, find out how Enate delivered an 80% reduction in internal processing time, (within six months of go-live, after a five-week implementation project), amongst other significant customer-facing improvements.

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Customer Success

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients are saying about how Enate has helped their businesses realize their goals.

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The project with Enate is one of the most seamless implementations I’ve seen or been involved with. It represents the gold standard.
— Denise Tauriello Allison, Sr. Director Capgemini
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TMF Group is a complicated business. We operate in more than 80 countries and have grown extensively through acquisition. The heart of our value proposition, global reach, and local knowledge, is the provision of the local expertise to manage complex regulation.”
— Russell Sheldon, Chief Operations & Technology Officer, TMF Group
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The mood music on the floor has completely changed, people are happier, and we now measure the service in terms of compliments"
— Karl Nolan, CEO, Utmost Link
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