Enate raises £2m in funding to expand its SaaS platform (2022)

Enate announces its latest investment round of £2M and unveils a new CEO as it accelerates the growth of its Intelligent Automation platform.  

  • This latest funding round and support from Mercia is designed to accelerate Enate's vision to become an Intelligent Automation leader and extend its no-code process orchestration platform globally.
  • The funding will facilitate expansion across the enormous and fast-growing global process orchestration market, which is set to grow to USD 8.50 billion by 2023.  
  • Enate has also unveiled a new CEO in James Hall, a highly experienced serial entrepreneur in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) space

London, UK, [6th October 2022] – Enate, a fast-growing and pioneering intelligent automation platform, today announced it has received a follow-on investment round of £2 million from Mercia, a growth-focused investment firm with experience backing innovative SaaS businesses.  

Enate intends to use the funding to accelerate its geographic footprint, extending its client and partner coverage in existing and new market verticals in the UK and across the globe.  

The company also confirmed the appointment of James Hall, who was previously the founder and CEO of Genfour, specialists in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). James Hall brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Enate in driving the global ambitions of intelligent automation-based scale-ups.

Enate recently unveiled several partnerships in the US and India, including agreements with ISG, Infosys and Tech Mahindra.

Enate’s platform enables enterprises to efficiently manage a hybrid workforce of humans and digital workers and simplifies end-to-end business processes.

Its innovative no-code process orchestration suite enables COOs to see the work that needs to be done, implement cost reductions and optimise internal models to overcome system challenges and get things done quickly, consistently and efficiently.  

Enate is working with customers to deliver cost-effective, fast deployments and a payback period of six to twelve months.  

Speaking of the investment James Hall, Enate’s new CEO said, "I am delighted that Mercia is delivering on their promise of being a long-term value-add partner to us. Mercia sees the successes clients such as TMF, CapGemini and LBG are having using our technology. Enate is becoming 'the' platform for clients embarking on digital transformation and intelligent automation at scale and in their operations.”

Jason Warren, a partner at Mercia, commented:

“Enate has been at the forefront of championing the value of process orchestration software, which is reflected in the richness of its technology for the hybrid workforce and the fact they are one of the very few providers who can evidence process orchestration at scale, with proven customer benefits.

We continue to be impressed by the value Enate is delivering for its clients and are delighted to support the team with further funding. Digitisation initiatives and the need to enable a remote workforce were existing trends that have accelerated further post-pandemic and Enate has a key role to play here. Also as the macro environment becomes more challenging for firms, the kind of operational efficiency Enate can deliver becomes increasingly important. We think there is an exciting opportunity for the business to expand internationally, particularly as they continue to build out partnerships.”

Enate’s core product is an intelligent automation and workflow system that goes beyond traditional business process management tools and offers complete end-to-end visibility into workflows and managing work. It gives executives an overview of how their enterprise is operating and provides data insights which can be harnessed to improve operations.