Introducing, EnateAI powered by GPT-4: New tech set to maximize efficiency in operations

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The rise of large language AI models has unlocked vast potential for businesses worldwide to increase productivity, decrease time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on value-added work. Operational excellence is an area where most businesses would like to improve, but to date, attempts to use AI in operations have been average at best.

Operations sit in end-to-end processes and to plug AI in, you need to spend vast sums of money purchasing, training and testing AI to solve your specific use case. Often, the results don’t justify the means, with AI vendors typically delivering less than 70% accuracy in email categorization alone.

EnateAI - 5 AI features in one end-to-end platform

This is all set to change with EnateAI, our new-to-market product launch designed to help businesses maximize AI in operations. EnateAI is integrated within our existing operations management platform and has the capability to automatically categorize emails, extract data, auto-populate forms, perform sentiment analysis, understand foreign languages and automate queries such as ‘Is this email just a thank you’?

With EnateAI, businesses remove the complexity and cost of paying for third-party AI vendors and training machine learning models. We automatically offers five AI features in one, and deliver over 90% accuracy, saving crucial time on repetitive tasks and enabling more value-added work.

Become 20% more efficient with EnateAI

In high-volume email environments, such as shared mailboxes, approximately 5-10% of the effort is spent on manual triage. Employees spend time figuring out the content of the email and identifying the person best suited to work on it. With EnateAI capabilities, customers can reduce 20% of their manual efforts and provide better service to their clients as a result.

Shifting the focus from customer service to customer success

Commenting on the launch, our Founder, Kit Cox says, ”The speed of change in AI and large language models is unprecedented - it’s the biggest technological change that has happened in my lifetime.”

”At Enate, our mission is to help businesses run operations smoothly and work smarter and faster by leveraging the latest technology. We’ve recognised an opportunity to integrate large language models within the Enate platform which will enable businesses to use AI in operations, in a way that’s never been done before. We’re really excited to help businesses slash the time spent on boring, repetitive tasks such as thank you patterns and email triage so they can be laser-focused on customer success.

The first iteration of EnateAI focuses on communication, but we’re just getting started. EnateAI signals the end of customer service, and the start of customer success, which is not to service the customer, but to delight the customer.”

Businesses will need to be Enate users to take advantage of EnateAI

To take advantage of EnateAI, you'll either need to be an existing Enate customer or implement our core operations management platform.

Unlike more mainstream AI products which poses privacy risks, EnateAI is totally private. It’s powered by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service which means that data remains within the Enate network and no customer data is used for generic model training.

Enate currently services global businesses

We work with a range of enterprise businesses including EY, Infosys, CapGemini and TMF Group. TMF Group is a multinational professional services firm operating in over 50 countries. Using our operations management platform, TMF has recorded a £32M margin improvement and 22% improvement in efficiency.

Commenting on the potential of the market AI Thought Leader, Anthony Burgess says,

“Large Language Models have put really powerful AI into the hands of everyone. Citizens, workers, creators and coders have been able to do amazing things simply through accessing the models through a browser. But the real magic happens when LLMs are embedded within existing technology as part of a wider process so they can complement, and be used alongside, the tools we are already familiar with day-to-day.”

EnateAI is available to all customers and can be accessed via the in-platform marketplace.

Zell is a Head of Content with over a decade of experience in copywriting, brand storytelling, PR and SEO. She has worked both agency side and in-house for brands ranging from speciality coffee to cosmetics. In her current role at Enate, Zell is responsible for distilling complex tech concepts into language users understand and resonate with, writing AI and orchestration content and generally being the go-to person for anything involving copy.
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