Responding to large volumes of emails? You need AI-enabled email triage

Diagram illustrating EnateAI's GPT-4 powered technology automating email triage, categorizing and prioritizing emails for efficient operations management."

Are you dealing with large volumes of emails in your operation? If the answer is yes, you could save yourself heaps of time sifting through them with AI-enabled email triage. Read on to find out how EnateAI automatically triages emails for you, so you can focus on value-added work.

What is email triage?

We like to think of email triage as a giant Harry Potter-style sorting hat. With email triage, incoming emails are sorted into buckets depending on urgency, assignee and the nature of the request.

The problem with manual email triage

"Challenges of Manual Email Triage"  [Image description: A black background with multiple blue hexagons arranged randomly. White text is overlaid on the hexagons, reading:  Manual work Lack of visibility Errors Inefficiencies ].

Usually email triage is done manually, but this requires the user to read or scan the contents of each incoming email. If you’re a large Service Center dealing with thousands of email requests per day, this is a big drain on time and resources. It requires someone to dedicate their time to sifting through an overflowing inbox and prioritize, sort and schedule emails. This is a pretty mundane task and can lead to human errors and inefficiencies.

Introducing, AI-enabled email triage

At Enate, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring ready-to-use AI features to our operations management platform, and email triage is one of them. Now, there’s no need to sift through thousands of emails as our GPT-4 powered technology does it for you. The platform can automatically process thousands of incoming emails, prioritizing, triaging and routing them to the right resource.

This is just one of five features that enable operations teams to shave the time spent on manual tasks. EnateAI can also extract email data and auto-populate forms, perform sentiment analysis, automate queries and understand foreign languages.

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How EnateAI automatically triages email

Historically, automated categorisation of emails and data, has come with a high financial, time-intensive and technical cost to implement. Until very recently, you’d have to collect at least 30 examples of each type of customer email a businesses wanted to classify and then iteratively train a model. This model then had to be maintained and if a new classification was later added, the whole implementation had to undergo rigorous testing.

The narrative has changed with EnateAI. Our GPT-4 powered technology is integrated seamlessly within Enate’s platform. It utilizes pre-defined categories and advanced large language models designed specifically for business use cases. EnateAI automatically scans the contents of any email to determine the most appropriate defined category.

Those historic costs we mentioned above are a now a distant memory. Gone are the days of collecting countless samples of each email type and undergoing repetitive training sessions. With EnateAI Email Triage, you can automate the entire classification process, saving you valuable time and resources. Simply switch ‘on’ the feature, and it will effortlessly scan and sort incoming messages according to your chosen business categories and desired outcomes.

Using EnateAI, businesses can embrace a future where email categorization is no longer a burden but a seamless part of your workflow.

Email triage AI explained by our Founder, Kit Cox

To learn how email triage and classification AI works, watch this video from our Founder and CTO, Kit Cox.

EnateAI - available now

EnateAI has been engineered to maximize efficiency in operations. It has the capability to automatically extract email data and auto-populate forms, understand foreign languages and automate queries such as ‘Is this email just saying thank you?'

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Email Triage AI: Available to purchase on its own or as part of a wider Enate package
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