Enate launches Analyst: An AI-powered data analyst built to run smooth operations

System process around Analyst AI

Analyst, the latest launch from Enate, is set to tackle the grunt work of data management so service teams can focus on value-added work. Powered by AI, Analyst can be likened to a personal data analyst. It handles verification, interpretation, logical reasoning and decision making in common business workflows such as payment reconciliation and invoice matching.

Analyst seamlessly integrates with Enate's core business orchestration platform (which runs of Microsoft Azure) automating significant parts of traditionally data-intensive processes. It’s all about streamlining those time-consuming data tasks that bog down your day, ensuring that operations run as smoothly and efficiently as they can. Users can typically expect to see a 20% increase in efficiency within just a few months of implementing Enate.

Unlike many AI market solutions, Analyst doesn’t require any complex code to get up and running. Instead, businesses connect to Enate’s platform, customize a business data policy to their exact requirements, and Analyst takes care of the rest. If something’s not right with the data, Analyst will transfer it to a member of the team for investigation.

Last year, Enate launched a range of AI features designed to automate parts of email management like sentiment analysis and email triage. Analyst marks a significant leap forward in AI innovation, where leaders can now start to automate entire parts of traditionally complex workflows, slashing the time spent on manual work, reducing errors, and enabling them to do more with leaner resources.

Running on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Analyst is a robust security and efficient data management solution. Highly accurate, Analyst minimizes the common errors that plague traditional workflows, ensuring your data remains private, secure, and exclusively yours for use.

Kit Cox, Founder and CTO of Enate, commented on Analyst:
“Today’s businesses are swimming in data and policies within their workflows. Combine that with multiple people involved and the time it takes to deliver that workflow, and this massively impacts decision-making and action. With Analyst, we can remove this complexity and delay by automating the matching up of the policy with the right data to facilitate the most effective course of action. With Analyst, we are enabling a business to go from operational stress to customer success.”
James Chadwick, ISV Ecosystem Lead said,
"We are committed to working with partners like Enate to make its EnateAI Analyst Decision product available on Microsoft Azure and drive joint innovation to help our customers across multiple industries tackle some of their biggest challenges such as reducing costs, increase efficiencies and creating leaner workloads.”

Enate’s workflow orchestration and AI software is available to purchase either directly or via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Enterprise businesses such as TMF Group, Walkers, and EY already rely on it to orchestrate tasks, reduce manual work, and automate critical parts of their workflow.

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