Solve your CRM woes with AI email classification

Email classification crossover powered by AI

If your business deals with a never-ending stream of emails, then you’ll be all too familiar with the pain of sorting them manually. It’s not only a time-draining activity, but also has repercussions on the health of your customer relationship management (CRM). Urgent requests go unanswered, important leads may be lost, and customer relationships are damaged as teams struggle to keep up with demand.

What is AI email classification?

We’re not claiming it’s quite magic, but email triage and classification AI really is like a digital Hogwarts sorting hat. Emails arrive and they’re neatly organised into buckets, based on qualities like the nature of the request and how urgently they need to be dealt with. No more long hours spent reading through and sorting emails; it’s all done instantly.

Manual email management: A CRM bottleneck

When emails are being sorted manually, even the best and most efficient teams can be overwhelmed during busy periods. Floods of requests are coming in and some messages inevitably slip through the cracks. The consequences include a CRM headache.

Sales leads are left languishing at the bottom of the wrong inbox, undiscovered until a competitor has already secured their business. Urgent requests aren’t prioritised over less important emails, leaving customers frustrated and angry. Plus, it also messes with your data, affecting your understanding of your customer base’s current mood and what they need.

AI for email classification is here

Reading and classifying email is no longer a job your team has to spend hours doing, with EnateAI’s ready-to-use email classification feature handling the job for you. Powered by GPT-4 technology, our AI makes light work of processing thousands of emails, categorising, and sending them on to the right person or inbox. Impeccable email organisation reduces error rates to a negligible level, resulting in significant time savings—up to 30 hours for every 1,000 emails processed. This efficiency equates to the labor cost of two full-time employees per year.

For CRM, it means that emails are getting to the right people instantly. Your sales, service, and support teams have a crystal clear idea of what needs to get done – and they have more time to do it. Life is easier for your employees and customer satisfaction levels start trending upwards.

Email classification process with AI

How Enate’s AI email classification works

Setting up automated email classification once meant huge amounts of training data, plus hours spent on testing and maintenance. This expense is no longer necessary. Enate’s AI email triage is a plug-and-play solution that easily integrates into your existing workflow. There’s no complex data collection or training required.

Instead, EnateAI uses predefined categories and advanced large language models that have been specifically designed to address business use cases. When an email pops into your inbox, the AI scans the email to identify its content and tone, categorising it instantly. All you need to do is switch it on and it gets to work for you.

Ready to fix your CRM with AI-enabled email classification?

Enate’s email classification software is available as a standalone product, so you don’t need to have our core platform to use it. Get started today to take advantage of:

  • Automated email sorting, prioritising, and routing become streamlined.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Improved accuracy, fewer mistakes.
  • Reduced manual effort, more time to focus on important work.
  • Easy integration with existing workflow tools.

Leave CRM chaos in the past and welcome in order and efficiency. Freed from this tedious task, your team can focus on providing a service so good that customer satisfaction becomes customer delight. Available to purchase separately or as part of the core Enate package.

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