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Enate platform delivering enterprise-scale business transformation.

Enate provides lightweight iBPMS and case management for citizen developers to configure, deploy, and maintain solutions, with great governance. Enate is simple enough to start small and smart enough to grow for global scale.

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What do I get with Enate?

Empower business technology teams, accelerate solution delivery, and ensure enterprise governance.

  • iBPMS and case management
  • Citizen Development
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Extensibility
  • Security and governance

iBPMS and case management

Enate enables you to:

  • Bring together the data, emails, and files needed to resolve cases in one place. This allows simplification of analysis with flexible process design.
  • Orchestrate workflows using dynamic business rules and manage forms created by business users with no code.
  • The Enate platform allows you to model enterprise processes without the complexity of BPMN.
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Citizen Development

Create a safe space for ‘Citizen Developers’. Enate’s approach to no code is focused on radical simplicity rather than graphical coding. Citizen developers can’t create things that break and critically one business unit can’t impact another with the changes they make. 

But is not a free for all, Enate ‘Super Builders’ can define global standards for re-use. Enate ‘Builders’ can then design and develop their processes within these standards. 

Enate documentation and in-built learning make it easy to learn and is available in 12 languages.

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Intelligent Automation

De-risk ‘shadow’ intelligent automation deployments, with common orchestration and audit across all categories of Intelligent Automation.

  • RPA
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Machine Learning

Accelerate automation with analytics telling you what you should automate next, how much you’ll save by doing so, and the technology you need to deploy.



Allow for future growth with Enate:

  • Consume the Enate API data to create extraordinary digital customer experiences.
  • Trigger activity with Enate’s suite of webhooks. 
  • Integrate into your notification’s infrastructure with native Teams integration.
  • Extend the Enate UI with custom cards using Angular.
  • Bring rich data sources into your BI environments with OData API.

Security and governance

Centralize best practice components so Citizen Developers can’t break things. 

Avoid configuration and change management logjams with Enate’s unique approach to global standards with local variance. 

Secure development cycle, with in-built test mode and guaranteed separation of duties. 

Meet global security standards out of the box with IS20007, GDPR, and HIPPA compliance baked in.

Option to deploy in a private cloud.

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The value you get

Deliver provable ROI with the Enate Process Orchestration platform.

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Get live fast

Start simple to get live in days, then use the insights that the system generates to show you where to add more detailed processes and automation.


Deliver Operational Benefits

Reduce turnaround times, create new operational capacity, improve customer satisfaction and service quality.

Solve the talent crisis

Solve the talent crisis

Empowering business users to deliver their own solutions means that technology talent can focus on extraordinary digital customer experiences and accelerate through the backlog of work across old systems.


Enhance global delivery

Track operational performance with one solution, manage global process standards and regional / product variance, allowing one conversation with global customers.

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Save time and money with Enate

By using Enate you can achieve the benefits of complex Salesforce or ServiceNow deployments, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.

Our pricing

We offer a clear pricing plan through subscription tiers to accommodate small to enterprise-sized companies.


What is Process Orchestration

Find out how:

  • Process Orchestration can manage work across a human, digital or mixed workforce to increase productivity.
  • Enate’s four core modules (Work Manager, Builder, Dashboarding and Self-Service) are designed for different roles within your organisation.
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Speak to an expert

Need a little extra information? No problem! The Enate team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to email us at info@enate.net or send us a message via our form.


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Support through learning

Enate supports our clients in a number of ways. To find out more about software updates, customer learning opportunities find out more here.

Customer Success

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients are saying about how Enate has helped their businesses realise their goals.

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