Slash the time spent on manual tasks by plugging automations into your existing workflows.
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Enate automations

Connect with industry leading tech providers via Enate’s marketplace to reach your intelligent automation goals.


Enate has an open API that allows other systems to start, track and interact with work in Enate.


Subscribe to webhooks so your systems are notified of events in Enate as they happen.

Advanced cards

Design custom cards with HTML, JavaScript and CSS to show richer content.

Enate AI

Sentiment analysis, intelligent document processing, email triage, data extraction and foreign language fluency. Learn more →

Microsoft Azure

Azure integration enables email sorting, Office 365 connectivity, GPT tasks, and data syncing.


Infrrd, integrated with Enate, swiftly extracts and organizes document data, saving time and effort.


OpenAI Adapters allow direct OpenAI API access and request monitoring using your own account and API keys.

Power Automate

Connect large numbers of business applications together and integrate your technology stack.

Blue Prism

Enable Blue Prism bots to edit data, add/download files and update the Enate platform.


Integrate with ABBYY to allow intelligent document processing to be part of your Enate processes.


The Enate UiPath connector allows easy integration with Enate’s enterprise workflow engine.

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Maximize efficiency in operations with AI-enabled sentiment analysis, intelligent document processing, email triage, data extraction and foreign language fluency.

Manage a human and digital team

Enate lets you effortlessly delegate tasks between digital and human teams, always ensuring the right worker is assigned the right task.

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Self Service

Let anyone in your business view, log and track work requests, centralise communications. In fact, in certain situations (where appropriate) customers can also use Self Service.