Future of work webinar with Shared Services Link

images with text that says 'future of work webinar' with shared services link and Enate.

We recently hosted a webinar on how operational leaders can cope with increasingly complex workloads alongside partners, Shared Services Link. We surveyed global professionals across 4 continents to explore post-pandemic work habits and methods. Discover how to manage and streamline work, how to wave goodbye to manual work, and how to become up to 25x more efficient.

Watch the webinar

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Zell is a Head of Content with over a decade of experience in copywriting, brand storytelling, PR and SEO. She has worked both agency side and in-house for brands ranging from speciality coffee to cosmetics. In her current role at Enate, Zell is responsible for distilling complex tech concepts into language users understand and resonate with, writing AI and orchestration content and generally being the go-to person for anything involving copy.
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