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Your Problem - Visibility

If you don't know whether your team's on track or overloaded

If you're managing via endless shared mailboxes & spreadsheets

If you argue with customers about performance,
but don't have the facts to back it up, then...

Enate simplifies

If you can’t see it you can’t control it! Enate is the best tool to give you visibility and control in your service centre.

Enate Dashboarding from Tableau gives you the world’s leading BI and visualisation tool – Answer questions at the speed you think of them.

We give you and your colleagues complete visibility of real time issues and past performance.

Simplification means the clarity to see and the power to act.

Senior Team

SeniorActivity based costs are one of the great challenges to deliver in SSCs around the world … no more … the enate cost dashboard shows how costs are distributed across your SSC and where you will get the biggest bang for your improvement buck.

Senior Team

Team Leads

Team Leads get an instant view onto what their team has to do and when its due, staff availability and current workload is all visible from the home page.

Transformative information on staff performance is just a click away telling team leads who their star performers are.

Team Leader Laptop

Service Delivery Agents

AgentsWith enate, Agents have a simple to-do list telling them what they have to do, which customers it’s for and when it's due. Interactive visualisations simplify and inform.



LikeEmployee can self-serve with intuitive on-line access and best-in-class knowledge.


Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting
  • Who’s done what?

  • When did we get things done?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What are we good at?

  • How can we improve?

  • What should we charge?

  • How much better have we got?

Enate Dashboarding answers all of these questions and any other question you’d care to ask about performance in your service centre.


The Power to Act

Visibility is useless without the power to act.

Enate gives you instant control to improve performance and drive change.

Short Term

Reassign Work

Change Priorities

Turn off the Tap

Change Shifts

Medium Term

Cross skill

Improve Process

Remove bottlenecks

Simplify Variance

Change Resourcing

Want to see more? Get in touch and we can set up a demo to show you more of what Enate can do to help your company.

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