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Enate lets business teams transform business operations.

Enate Process Orchestration is a simple solution for managing your workflow and workforce in one place, creating and improving workflows incredibly quickly without needing help from IT.

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Managing workflows made easy

Enate automates work allocation making sure that the right work gets to the right worker at the right time to hit SLA targets. Operations leaders get extraordinary visibility and have the data they need to improve and optimise the operation.

Enate is the bedrock for your digital transformation and is a single environment with which you can bring your human workforce together with intelligent automation products like RPA robots, Intelligent Document Processing, and AI.

Enate is simple enough to start small and smart enough to grow big. The solution is available in 12 languages and is designed for global scale, with unique governance for managing standards and regional variance.

What do I get with Enate?

You’re in control, business users can create, automate and optimize workflows, Operations leaders get complete visibility across the organization. Everyone can collaborate anywhere in the world.

  • Ticket & email management
  • Workflow & case management
  • No code needed
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Visibility & insights

Ticket & email management

Capture and manage all inbound requests.

Link into your team mailboxes and turn all inbound emails into actionable work. Automatically route to the right team and increase productivity with canned responses.

Self-service allows tickets to be started and tracked by anybody in the company.

With all tickets and emails tracked, audited and searchable in one place, SLAs are automatically measured giving you unprecedented visibility and control.


Workflow & case management

Case Management brings together the data, emails, and files needed to resolve a case in one place. Enate can handle the case however flexible the process needs to be.

Workflow and dynamic business rules handle decisions throughout the process and checklists guide your team through each action and create an audit trail for compliance. Peer review actions guarantee checks wherever they are needed.

Automated assignment makes sure that the most important work is always first to get attention and gets the right work to the right worker at the right time, to give the best SLA results and keep customers happy.


No code needed

Enate is a safe space for ‘citizen developers’ meaning your business users can assemble, automate and improve their processes.

But is not a free for all, Enate ‘super builders’ can define global standards for re-use. Enate builders’ can then design and develop their processes within these standards. You can think of the super builders as the chefs who design the menu, and the builders assemble their meal by ordering from the menu.

Testing and release of new processes are also controlled without having to worry about managing multiple environments. Enate documentation and in-built learning make it easy to learn and are available in 12 languages.

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Intelligent Automation

The end workflow manages the end-to-end customer journey, but the work can be done by your human workforce or automated digital workers. Enate allows you to bring the right digital workers into the process to maximize automation.

RPA tasks allow you to bring RPA robots from UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and Microsoft into your processes.

Intelligent Document Processing tasks allow you to classify and extract data from documents using leading tools like ABBYY.

API tasks let you pull in data from and update cloud-based systems.

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Visibility & insights

Get real-time insight into the performance of your operation by tracking case progress, customer experience, productivity, and SLAs.

See where problems lie with Six Sigma reporting on defects and bottlenecks.

Automation analytics tell you what you should automate next, how much you’ll save by doing so, and the technology you need to deploy.

Why Enate

Enate is designed to create better, leaner faster operations that deliver extraordinary customer service.

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Get live fast

Start simple to get live in days, then use the insights that the system generates to show you where to add more detailed processes and automation.


Reduce TATs & increase customer satisfaction

Better control and smoother workflow mean reduced turnaround times and higher NPS scores.


Identify extra capacity

Enate keeps track of productivity and utilization across the team highlighting where teams are either underutilised or overworked; allowing you to balance and train appropriately.

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Improve quality & compliance

Workflow and checklists ensure that you always follow the right process, reducing compliance failures and risks.


Increase productivity

Lean processes, less rework, instant work allocation, and better measurement all lead to increased productivity.

Our pricing

We offer a clear pricing plan through subscription tiers to accommodate small to enterprise-sized companies.


What is Process Orchestration

Find out how:

  • Process Orchestration can manage work across a human, digital or mixed workforce to increase productivity.
  • Enate’s four core modules (Work Manager, Builder, Dashboarding and Self-Service) are designed for different roles within your organisation.
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Support through learning

Enate supports our clients in a number of ways. To find out more about software updates, customer learning opportunities find out more here.

Customer Success

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients are saying about how Enate has helped their businesses realise their goals.



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