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Global Business Services - Laying the foundation for future innovation


The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation in Global Business Services (GBS). Many physical processes are being digitalized, while some are being completely automated. GBS giants are implementing cutting-edge technologies to monitor processes in real-time, optimize workflows, manage integration and deliver value. Here’s where tools like process orchestration can be just the perfect solution.

In this Enate whitepaper, you will get an overview of:

  1. Global Business Services – The Present and Beyond​
  2. Global Business Service Operations which can benefit from improved efficiency
  3. Introducing Enate Process Orchestration Platform
  4. How Process Orchestration can improve operational and workforce efficiency

Download the whitepaper to read how Process Orchestration can drive operational efficiencies in the Global Business Services through integrated processing, better transparency, and efficient workload balancing. The insights are gleaned from the most credible research reports and conversations with prominent GBS leaders.

About Enate

Enate is a UK headquartered Process Orchestration platform with an APAC office in India. Enate was named a Hot Vendor 2019 by HFS Research. The platform’s customers include the likes of Utmost – an insurance major, Mizuho, a global banking major, and consulting and professional services organizations like Capgemini and a Big 4.