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Customer Journey


At Enate our years of experience of working with customers has been distilled into some key elements of the way we work with you. Each implementation is shaped around the customer and what they want to achieve. Our goal is for you to be successful. 

So, what is working with Enate like? 

At Enate we spend serious time and effort focusing on your customer journey. It’s because we know the experience received by our customers is as important as the technology that we deliver. Yes, lots of organizations have great tech, but what are they like to work with? 

We know that working closely with you, in the language you understand, is the most effective way to ensure you succeed in meeting the challenges that we were engaged to help you with, and moreover, ensure you deliver on the key priorities of your business.  

We are really proud that we have customers who publicly call us “The Gold Standard” for our implementations and customer success and this is why you can trust us to understand your problems and create solutions to fit.  

We have a wide range of experience implementing Enate into many diverse environments. So, don’t worry if you think yours is different, it probably is! But we are used to that, and we will work closely with you to adapt to your needs and not try to “shoehorn” you into a standard approach.  

Importantly we ensure the same members of the Enate team stay with you throughout the journey; from that first conversation and Enate demo, right through to when you are living, and your teams and processes are bedded in. 

It will not take forever! The way in which Enate works allows us to configure your requirements and have them live in weeks, not months. We almost always take a bite-sized approach to roll out Enate, proving the solution with a live pilot, followed by carefully considered phases of rollout across an organization, maximizing reuse, and efficiency opportunities, and fine-tuning subsequent phases. 

And who does this planning and rollout? 

We have a few models from working directly with organizations who have the ambition to be self-sufficient and therefore build a Centre of Excellence themselves, or we have our official partner network where we will work with our trusted partners to bring you a program of activity covering: 

  • Operational transformation change 
  • Enate technical implementation 
  • Digital workforce implementations e.g., RPA Bots, Chatbots, Intelligent OCR, etc all coordinated through Enate itself. 

…all depending on a more detailed understanding of your needs. 



A hugely important component of our customer journey is Learning. Our Learning Team is an integral part of Customer Success and again we know that a good learning experience is directly tied to how quickly your teams can be effective in their new working environment. Learning is a combination of Academy-style computer-based courses, plus webinar sessions, and importantly an ongoing easily accessed library of online content and video explainers available on the internet. We also have this content intelligently linked from your Enate solution, depending on what you were trying to achieve at the point you needed some help. 

Finally, it is not a one-and-done approach. We know that as you roll out, you will want to not only train new people but revisit the complexity and scope of work being incorporated into the program within existing teams. So, further training and guidance can be arranged at any time to help with the step-up in the onboarding of new processes and solutions. 


Trust and security 

We completely understand that you have many challenges with delivering effective services to your customers and that you worry about cyber threats and the safeguarding of their data. At Enate, you can trust us to deliver our software as a global service to the highest possible standards. 

We take data security incredibly seriously and we are proud of our ISO27001 credentials. Plus, with our Amazon Web Services partnership, we are utilizing the latest cloud technology, with the highest standards of encryption.  

Security is at the heart of our organization too through our Information Governance Group. We have dedicated roles in both our Head of Information Security and our Data Protection Officer. 

We also know that business continuity is a major concern for all customers. That’s why our services run on high availability technology with multi-region resilience, multiple backups, and disaster recovery capability incorporating Recovery Point, Recovery Time Objectives, and service levels. 


Customer Success Services 

Once you have been alive for a period of time, and the implementation program has been completed, we will continue to look after you with our Customer Success team. This covers activities such as: 

  • Ongoing learning requirements for new teams as we already mentioned 
  • Our Enate helpdesk, which is available up to 24 hours a day, to log and have any issues resolved or indeed to ask us questions 
  • Checkpoints and service management to ensure we continue to be aligned to your needs and help further your ambitions 
  • Management of the Enate platform so you do not have to worry about the “IT stuff” that powers your Enate solution 

We have a dedicated technical and customer-facing team genuinely focussed purely on the success of all our existing customers, and maximizing the benefits of working with Enate. 

You can find much more detail on Customer Success here.

So why not join us!