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Case Study

How a Big Four firm improved multiple GBS teams with one platform


As one of the Big Four, this company had an outstanding reputation as one of the largest, most established professional services networks, with offices in over 150 countries worldwide. It is a global leader in the consulting domain across industry horizontals and many verticals. A long-time proponent of global business services, with its own GBS advisory team, it wanted to better manage the flow of communication, refine handling of bot exceptions, achieve seamless human-bot handoffs, and improve operational transparencies, across its finance and administration (F&A), risk management, and engagement management teams.

The Challenge:

  • Communication overload creates inefficiencies and takes up resources.
  • Communication overload creates inefficiencies and takes up resources.
  • Process heavy function creates unnecessary risk and inefficiencies.


  • Simplifying technology for streamlining services.
  • Streamlined operations that resulted in 15%-20% quicker turnaround times and an 18%-20% reduction in effort needed to deliver services.
  • From function to country in the drive for efficiency. Users have grown from 100 in 2019 to nearly 1,500 in 2020.

A Glimpse into Enate:

Enate’s Process Orchestration platform is a technology-agnostic platform that can be integrated into existing processes and systems, as a layer. Process orchestration centralizes governance, enables seamless work-handoffs, and offers end-to-end visibility, ensuring optimal workforce utilization. It simplifies work and resource handling with transparency, making it an ideal investment for distributed teams.