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You talk, we listen

Music, film, even vehicles? What do they all have in common? It is, of course, that sense of anticipation when there’s a new release. A ‘next iteration’ with a DNA that you know and trust, but with improvements to make it just a little better than what came previously.

This is exactly why we’re so happy at Enate to announce the latest platform update, which came into effect earlier this month. Not least because this update has been driven by none other than you - our customers.

Invaluable insight and direction

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that when we put the question out to our customers, the major theme of amendment was focused on the service agents. These are the individuals who truly count as they are the front-line user of Enate. By using the platform day-to-day and in a real-world setting, their insight, direction and feedback is invaluable - and so it has proved.

We simply asked, ‘what do you want from our product’ and you responded in droves. When we were able to sift through all the information, the findings were clear and we set about updating the platform to reflect what you want. To that end, there are major updates into two distinct areas

Two major changes

One of the major changes we have made has been to the notifications. This function has been updated to allow users to find out the important things in real time - this, of course, set to the specific issue they are using Enate for, whether it’s; holiday allowances and absences or direct debits and payments. Now, users can choose how, when and where they are notified if there is an anomaly in the process. It means that, in the same team, one user can choose to be notified via an email, while another can do so via the desktop. The choice is yours. We’ve also made it easier to ‘follow’ specified work. This is especially important if something is time, or mission critical.

The second change we have made is around end user productivity. The platform can track individual productivity, highlighting areas for improvement in how people engage with it (the platform). Enate can keep track of productivity and utilisation across teams highlighting where people are either underutilised or overworked; allowing managers to balance and train appropriately. We’ve got a great example of this in action here, for a major Indian-based, BPO firm. We’ve also made it much easier for people to work with files in Enate by adding file links to item - rather than having to shift the files themselves. If you want to know more details on how Enate can be used for operations, you can find more here.

Indicative of a wider theme

While these updates are important in and of themselves, they’re indicative of a wider theme that businesses must continually remind themselves of - the need to listen to your customers and to keep the end user happy. But when this evolves due to the product listening to the customers, then the result is even better. Evolving the product, in line with how it is being used and the information it is delivering creates a cycle of betterment, which is exactly what orchestration should be delivering - do the job, identify where changes need to be made, and make them to improve the process moving forward.

We work with HubSpot a lot and it has a great report out on this theme, ‘The Annual State of Service in 2022’.  The report is worth a download and read so we won't give it all away here but, it highlights some critical issues that have been crystallised on account of the pandemic. It found that almost 90% of leaders reporting that customer expectations have increased to an all-time high but that service agents are also being asked to do more with insufficient resourcing. That’s something we can’t tolerate.

The operations teams and service agents need fit-for-purpose tools to deliver the value-add, growth-driving value that businesses need.  Indeed, the report says, ‘It is critical to enable service teams to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction and empower their agents to drive revenue – ultimately delivering magical, authentic interactions throughout the customer journey.’

Delivering best-in-class service

Don't just take our word for it. Come and experience our updated platform so you can see for yourself the impact it can have on agents to deliver best-in-class service and drive business revenues at a time when excellent service has never been more expected, or valuable.

For more information, please contact a member of our team here - https://www.enate.io/contact-us.