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Automated America: Three Lessons Learned StatesideBy Kit Cox

I recently returned from a business trip to the United States, where I went to take in the American view of intelligent automation, and how Enate would best fit into that market space. Aside from just how big the US is for us ‘little Europeans’, there were a few things that really struck me whilst I was out there. Here are three lessons Itook away on automation in America:

1. The US is home to exclusive, new markets

It was fascinating to witness new markets in the States that don’t exist in Europe. A beautiful example of this is Healthcare Back Office – a concept unheard of in the UK, and one that has only minor iterations across the rest of Europe. The extent and complexity of the US healthcare system requires the automation and orchestration of their back office processes to fight underperformance – Healthcare Back Office is therefore a huge part of the US healthcare sector.

2. VARs occupy a unique position in the US mid-market

The US mid-market is big enough that large value added resellers (VARs) can generate successful business from selling into it – something that just isn’t the case in Europe.
It was great being able to talk to some exciting new VARs that are moving beyond standard re-sale of software and implementation services towards continuous automation of clients’ businesses. Software implementation is no longer something that comes along and is then cast in concrete for the five or ten years. The success of US retailers viewing client relationships through a long-term lens is really encouraging and underlines our belief thatthe industry is on a journey towards automation.

3. The American entrepreneurial spirit goes a long way

The American attitude to business is just so different to how UK-based entrepreneurs work. The speed with which US firms will enter into conversations regarding teaming and joint ventures is amazing and again something you don’t find occurring in the UK. Whilst some US services businesses are behind their European counterparts in the adoption of intelligent automation, their abundance of ‘get up and go’ attitude will undoubtedly drive them beyond European services in the not too distant future.
It’s a truly exciting time for Enate, and I’m looking forward to announcing the US partnerships that have come out of my trip.