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Enate: v2021.1

Enate's Process Orchestration platform's first update of 2021 is available now.

There are several updates, but also a lot of new features related to email. This blog will focus on email, however if you would like to know about other features please check out - ✨What's New in Enate v2021.1 - What's New in Enate v2021.1.

As part of this new feature, Enate allows the users to send their emails by scheduling a specific date and time. All the scheduled emails can be seen and managed in Outbox which is a page in Work Manager. Also, when the user wants to call back the scheduled emails it can be possible by cancelling the emails.

Scheduling an Email

A mail can be scheduled by picking a date and time when the ‘Schedule’ button is clicked during sending, as shown in the below screens:

The scheduled email will appear in the Comms and Timeline tabs, along with who scheduled it and when it has been scheduled for. You are also able to send a scheduled email immediately from the Comms and Timeline tabs:

All the emails scheduled will be moved to the Outbox page, and if the user wants to recall the emails, it can be performed by setting a delay for undo send.

Undo Send Option

The Undo Send setting in the user profile lets you add a time delay to when your emails will be sent, giving you the opportunity to cancel sending an email, or reviewing an email before it gets sent.

When an Undo Send time is set, a popup will appear allowing you to cancel sending the email:

Additionally, when an Undo Send time is set, you will have the option of sending an email 'Now' in the Timeline which overrides the time delay from the Undo Send configuration and you will also have the option to cancel sending the email altogether.

The Outbox Page

You can access the Outbox Page from the navigation link. The total number of emails in your Outbox will also be shown in the navigation link. The Outbox Page is where you can find emails belonging to yourself, or to your team, that are scheduled be to sent at a later date, or have failed to send:

Retry and Cancel Options
You are able to manually retry sending an email by clicking on the Retry icon. The email will now be in a state of 'Pending Retry'. You are also able to cancel sending an email by clicking on the Cancel icon. This will remove the email from the Outbox. You are also able to retry or cancel sending emails in bulk:

Kamal Saran, Product Manager