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Busy fools or top performers? Improve workforce productivity with Enate dashboard

To give you oversight of the productivity of your entire workforce, Enate's dashboard provides a clear overview of how each of your workers (whether human or a bot) are performing compared to their capacity.

Ideally, all your workers would fall into the top right quadrant, but, likely, your workers are scattered around the four categories. Enate enables you to improve your workforce's effectiveness and efficiency by monitoring and honing performance.

Enate's dashboard displays your workers across four categories in terms of productivity and capacity:

Top performers
Getting the balance right between capacity and productivity.

Keen but bored
Very productive but not fulfilling their maximum potential.

Busy fools
For how busy these workers are, they’re not being very productive.  

Why are they here?
These workers need some training and support to bring them up to speed.

Have a look around our interactive dashboard (based on real data) and slide the slider across dates to see how you can gain oversight and insight to make better business decisions using Enate.

Find out more about Enate's dashboarding suite, which is available to all new customers, by requesting a demo.