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An introduction to the 19.4 major product release

Enate's service orchestration platform's first update of 2020 is underway. Here's what you can expect.


Test mode enhancements

As part of Enate’s SaaS environment you get access to use ‘Test Mode’ – this allows you to validate your human and bot workflows before setting them live for production use. Test mode data is segregated from your live data so your production users don't see it. We’ve made some further improvements in this area to help make your testing even easier.

1.1 Test manager and test users of the Queue

Test mode functionality now allows you to set a different manager for a Queue when running in Test mode vs. Live mode. This feature gives you much more flexibility to verify how work is going to look for your team Leaders before needing to involve them in your testing.

Example: Consider Manager 1 who has access to live mode and is responsible for managing two queues, Funding and Master Case queue.

Testing Queues1

In Test Mode, these two Queues can be set to have a different manager – see below where now Manager 2 has been set to be in charge of these two Queues when viewing in Testing Mode.

Testing Queues2


1.2 Switch Robots between Live and Test

We’ve also made some enhancements to how you can test out robots within your workflows. It’s now possible to switch a robot so that it can run in test mode or live mode. Specifically, two new activities have been added to the activity libraries for UiPath, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism (and the standard APIs adjusted so this can be called generically) as follows:

  • Set Live Mode
  • Set Test Mode

These actions allow you to flip a robot between test and live states and, once a robot has been flipped into Test mode, subsequent activity calls which the robot might make, e.g. ‘Get more work’ and ‘Create Ticket/Case etc.’ get and create only test work items.


1.3  Test Contacts Separate test contacts in the system

We’ve also added a feature which allows you to create test Contact data for use when testing – this makes sure that ‘dummy’ contact records never have to be seen by your production users, and there’s no risk of real contacts ever being involved in test work.  Enate now supports the creation of Contact records in Test Mode. Specifically, any contact records you create while running in Test mode will be accessible only to Test Mode users (and contacts created in live mode will be Live mode only).


Find out more about why we moved from four to three updates a year - and the very human reasons behind it, via our recent blog 'The human element of updates'. Once completed, our release notes will be available to review here.